Cake Pan Rental Policies

Rental Rates:Rental rates are $3.00 per day per pan as follows:

Pickup Day Drop of Day
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Saturday
Saturday Monday (closed Sunday)

Security Deposit: A “Refundable” Security Deposit is required when renting any size pan. This can be done with either cash or a credit card. Upon returning the cake pan(s) free of damage by the due date, the deposit will be immediately returned.

$20.00 : Round, Square and Sheet Pans
$50.00 : Alphabet/Number Cake Pan
$50.00 : Character Pan – Mickey Mouse (full body)
$40.00 : Super Mario Brothers:Luigi
$20.00 : Character Pans – All Others
$10.00 : Miscellaneous Pans

Reservations: Pans can be reserved in advance by phone or in person. Reservations cannot be guaranteed until a non-refundable payment is received for the rental day. You should make the payment as soon as possible to ensure that the pan will be available on the date you need it. Unfortunately we cannot hold pans that have not been paid for.

Pan Care/Returns: All pans should be clean and dry when returned to avoid an additional fee of $10.00. Pans should be hand-washed only! Please do not put pans in dishwasher.

Loss or Damage: The rentee is responsible for the protection of the pan(s) from the time of pickup until the pan(s) are dropped off. If the pan is lost, damaged, missing pieces or not returned, the rentee will forfeit the entire security deposit.

Character Pans: They must be returned with their paper insert that has the decorating directions. If the paper insert with directions is not returned, a $5.00 fee will be due at the time of drop off.